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Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

One visit per day for:

  • 1 cat $45
  • 2 cats $50
  • 3 cats $55
  • 4 cats $60
  • 5 cats $65

Two visits per day for:

  • 1 cat $90
  • 2 cats $100
  • 3 cats $110
  • 4 cats $120
  • 5 cats $130

Sub-Cutaneous Fluids for Cats or Insulin Shots for Cats

During a regular pet sitting visit $10
During a special home visit for fluids or insulin shot only $45

Other Animals

Rabbit Sitting

One visit per day for:

  • 1 rabbit $45
  • 2 rabbits $50

Two visits per day for:

  • 1 rabbit $90
  • 2 rabbits $100

Small Mammal Sitting: Guinea Pigs, hamsters, ferrets, rats, etc.

One visit per day for 1 cage $45
Add $10 for each additional cage

Bird Sitting

Small birds one visit per day for 1 cage $45
Add $10 for each additional cage

Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish Sitting

One visit per day or every other day visits $45
Additional charges may or may not apply for more than one pet depending on the circumstances. Every other day visits are acceptable for animals who do not require daily feeding.

Mixed Group of Animals

Please phone or email for a quote. People who have multiple pets and species of pets have needs that vary widely. Each situation must be evaluated individually.

Other Services

Plant Watering  Only

Visits start at $45 and may go higher depending on the time required. You decide how often visits are necessary.

Supply Pickup

Clients are expected to make sure all supplies are on hand. If necessary we will shop for you. The supply pickup charge is $30 plus the cost of all items purchased.


Errands are sometimes necessary including shipping forgotten items such as glasses, medications, or important documents. Errands start at $45 plus any costs incurred (e.g., shipping costs) and may be more time-consuming or involve multiple trips.

Special Requests

Special requests include things like meeting a workman at the house at a specific time or making a special trip to your house to check on an alarm that went off to find out why. Meeting someone at a special time for the regularly scheduled visit is an additional $20, while an extra visit special request for any reason starts at $45.

Vet Trips

If your pet becomes ill we will take your pet to the veterinarian. You are responsible for payment for vet care. Before you leave you will need to call your vet to let them know we are authorized to bring in your pet and you will need to leave a credit card number at the vet for any charges incurred. You may also leave us a letter of authorization in lieu of a phone call to the vet. Vet trips are charged at a rate of $65 per hour.

Rewards Program

When you refer someone to The Petsitters who becomes a registered client you get $20 off your next order.