Food for Ferals

The Food for Ferals Program is a way for people to donate unwanted, but still good  unexpired cat food to my feral cat colony. It all started in January 2007 when I received a telephone call from Mary Ann Buxton, the Feral Cat Coordinator at the San Francisco SPCA. She told me that a man, who had lived on my street a block away, had died. He turned out to have been a hoarder of cats as well as other possessions. After his death, his non-cat loving daughter came over to his apartment and started to throw all the cats she found outside. This was her way to get rid of them. It caused a great commotion from the neighbors and many complained to the S.F. SPCA. Mary Ann asked me to investigate and I worked with the SPCA’s Feral Cat Program to establish colony of spayed and neutered cats. In this way these unfortunate and unadoptable cats could live out the remainder of their lives in peace without bothering anyone. With the help of 2 wonderful volunteers, I have been feeding some of these cats as well as a few others who have shown up since then.

As as pet sitter, many clients have asked me if I could find a use for their unwanted cat food. The cat food was unwanted for 3 basic reasons. The first was their cat’s diet needed to be changed because of a new medical diagnosis, for example, kidney disease or diabetes. The second reason was that their cat didn’t like the food and refused to eat it. The third, sadly, was their cat had passed away. The donated food has gone to feed these feral cats thus eliminating waste and helping to defray the cost of feeding the cat colony.

It is easy to donate cat food. Clients of The Petsitters simply need to let us know they have food to give when placing a pet sitting order and we will pick up it up when we visit your house. Clients who don’t have immediate pet sitting needs can also give by contacting us and letting us know they have a donation. We will arrange to pick it up. Our clients are wonderful people and some choose to buy cat food for the ferals or give small cash donations. Any and all help is welcome. As an adjunct to the Food For Ferals Program, The Petsitters will also pickup still good and unexpired pet medications to donate directly to San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control.


Elaine Perednia, owner of The Petsitters